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Project Idea:
   Provide a way to prepare auto tests as simple as possible.


   -  Text mode test development: each test is just text file (could be edited with Notepage) simple to understand (one line - one action), simple to check and change.
   -  Tests platform independent: test platform have to be wrapped with code to be used in tool. For now only have been wrapped 2 test platform: Selenium & WebAii(Selenium 100% cover all tests, WebAii - 90-95%) 
   -  All tests locates in file system as separate files (text files) in same with project directory. Tests could be committed together with project source code into repository.
   -  Functionality is extendable: new test actions could be developed (separate project => result dll have to be located in plugin folder)


How it looks and works(quick):

edit test in List mode
To create test have been prepared 2 editors: List mode & Text Mode. On screenshot you can find List Mode editing where each list item(line) separate test action. Each action contains 4 columns:
  • main action name (click,assert, execute, alert, fill, navigate and so on);
  • then subaction: if main action is click then subaction - possible clicks: OnElementWith ID or Name or class name etc.;
  • then clumn where you have to specify Id of the element on page (or url, or other main data block)
  • last one element sometimes invisible (not active) but if it is active - you have to fill there extra data for an action. Example to fill an control with data you have to choose action fill, then have to chose: byID, then have to be specified control id, last one column - data to fill.
edit test in List mode
edit test in List mode


 Text mode - just embed text editor with text highlighter & auto-complete menu to help with each test line (test action) development.
Text mode contains some advantages: you can copy & past list of actions from other test or from some place in current text. Highlighting could help to find lines  with correct and wrong data/texts. Autocomplete menu is different depends of text cursor position:
  •   if cursor locates in the beginning of the line - autocomplete shows list of actions (automatically sorted, filtered)
  • if has been found symbol "," (coma) before text cursor position - autocomplete menu shows list of subaction for specified action (text before coma)
  • if has been found text "=" (equal) then auto-complete menu shows list of constants & other test names



edit test in List mode


For really big projects: with lot of pages, with specific html markup has been developed functionality to fill list of predefined identifiers, data. After that constants could be reused in different tests/places. Also if constant data need to be changed - you don't have to edit each tests - just data have to be changed in constant editor. Constants also simple text file with specific structure: each line is separate constant where text before symbol "=" is constant name, after - constant value(data). File could be edited trough text editor or by tool directly... Only on execution time tool change constant name to constant value. There is only one  limitation for constants it has to be locates in one line (no line break symbol have to be in constant. 
edit test in List mode

There is execution history Tab, which shows short or detailed statistic information for all projects/ tests/browsers/actions.
(Screenshot contains text remarks)

In General history tab has been split to 2 zones: left - tree where you could overview simple/short result information for project/test/browser/special time etc. and right- central zone where shows detailed info for selected node.


edit test in List mode

To execute test have to be chosen one of predefined browsers.

also base test platform have to be installed before (TestAII). We have put selenium dll into the bin directory, that is why it doesn't need to be installed(Telerik WebAii tool have to install browsers extensions)




Documentation contains more detailed information...

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